googleVis version 0.5.8 released

We released googleVis version 0.5.8 on CRAN last week. The update is a maintenance release for the forthcoming release of R 3.2.0.

Screen shot of some of the Google Charts
New to googleVis? The package provides an interface between R and the Google Charts Tools, allowing you to create interactive web charts from R without uploading your data to Google. The charts are displayed by default via the R internal help browser.

Visit the examples of all googleVis charts on CRAN and review the vignettes.


Elisa said...

Hi, I would like to know how I can possibly control the legend size/location on the top right plot. Thank you very much.

Markus Gesmann said...

With the current version (0.1.9) of ChainLadder we don't have that option. However, you find the underlying R code on GitHub, see line 410 onwards.

elisa said...

Hi, under the MackChainLadder function, what does assuming a tail factor of 1.05 and standard error of 0.02 mean? How do you obtain those numbers?

Markus Gesmann said...

See the help file to MackChainLadder for more details, but also the references given there, in particular the original Mack paper

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