Interactive HTML presentation with R, googleVis, knitr, pandoc and slidy


Tonight I will give a talk at the Cambridge R user group about googleVis. Following my good experience with knitr and RStudio to create interactive reports, I thought that I should try to create the slides in the same way as well.

Christopher Gandrud's recent post reminded me of deck.js, a JavaScript library for interactive html slides, which I have used in the past, but as Christopher experienced, it is currently not that straightforward to use with R and knitr.

Thus, I decided to try slidy in combination with knitr and pandoc. And it worked nicely.

I used RStudio again to edit my Rmd-file and knitr to generate the Markdown md-file output. Following this I run pandoc on the command line to convert the md-file into a single slidy html-file:

pandoc -s -S -i -t slidy --mathjax -o Cambridge_R_googleVis_with_knitr_and_RStudio_May_2012.html
Et volià, here is the result:

Addition (2 June 2012)

Oh boy, knitr and Markdown are hitting a nail. With slidify by Ramnath Vaidyanathan another project sprung up to ease the creation of web presentations.


Daniel Garavito said...

Hi, I had problems using knitr and googlevis, the problem is that when I try to include a presentation motionchart knitr a blank frame appears and nothing else, try printing it (print (m1, 'chart')) and directly putting html code with no luck. the graph is running in ( Could you please help me. Try gvisMotionChart examples with no luck, neither included when multiple graphs are presented, and the gvisMotionChart not appear.

Use R versions 2.15 and 3.0 at 64 bits and the latest of knitr and googleVis. If you want I can send you the data.

Markus Gesmann said...

Hi Daniel,

By default Flash charts are not visible when opened from a local directory. Please see the Warnings section of the gvisMotionChart help file, or the section "Displaying gvis objects locally" of the googleVis package vignette ( for more details.
I hope this helps.

Daniel Garavito said...

thank you! I use your sample presentation, putting the chart on a direct link dropbox and ready.

Thank you again. :).

Arturo Benjamin Chian Nuñez said...

I'm using Window 7, R 3.0.1 and RStudio 0.97.

I think the same problem that Daniel had but I don't understand very well how to deal with.

Daniel, do you only put the chart on a direct link dropbox and ready?

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