Notes from the Tokyo R User Group meeting, 17 April 2014

Last Thursday I had the pleasure to attend the Tokyo R user group meeting. And what a fun meeting it was! Over 40 R users had come together in central Tokyo. Yohei Sato, who organises the meetings, allowed me to talk a little about the recent developments of the googleVis package.

Thankfully all talks were given in English:

Following the meeting the user group had booked a pub around the corner for a few drinks and some food. Brilliant!

Delicious chicken steaks and rice porridge

The next morning, as I woke up in on the 23rd hotel floor in Shinjuku I felt that my bed was moving. I am sure it was the earthquake, but what a weird feeling it was with a little hangover.


teramonagi said...

Hi Markus;

Thank you for your post related to Tokyo.R
I hope that you really enjoyed staying in Japan!

Best regards;


josep2 said...

Good stuff.

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